The Indigo Drops are fresh to the Raleigh scene, serving up a wide variety of prog-tinged funk, psychedelic jazz pop, and old fashioned rock'n'roll. Be ready for a tight and twisting journey with boundary pushing improvisation and grooves that will get stuck in your head and stay there. Perhaps the Drop's greatest achievement is delivering the musical magic sauce with witty and thoughtful lyrics to chew on. Sawyer Lewis is an evil wizard on keys and vocals, mixing a potent brew of soaring solos and delicately harmonious melodies. On guitar and vocals, Gavin Farmer rips into the mix with a dizzying cosmic assault that drifts between smooth ambiance, sea-beast slaying leads, and undeniable rhythmic bounce. The thump and thunder of Travis Huckaba's bass work holds together this heady brew, and the result is an experience that will energize and entertain.

Oh and Gavin and Sawyer trade off on drums.